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The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles recently hosted a virtual event and raised a record $1.2 million. The spectacular stadium was dedicated to Thurman O'Neal, the Modesto-born California lawmaker and former state senator.

The museum is in a prime location in Crissy Field, which went to the Presidio Trust in February. One where the museum would be not too far from the San Francisco Bay Bridge and California's Capitol.

The museum is open daily throughout the year and is open to the public for a limited period of time during the summer months. Other attractions in the park that are worth seeing are the Natural History Museum, which presents and explains the area. The museum also has the Discovery Room, where visitors can explore the realm of science, and this is a place you will love to visit. Take the children and get to know the city, but the Discovery Room is another place you will love to visit.

So you have a list of museums to visit and have fun during your stay in Modesto. Enjoy your stay and become part of the history, culture, crafts and history of the city in general.

Other key attractions that will attract your attention during the long weekend graffiti festival are the annual "Graffiti Oldtimer Parade" with models from 1979, as well as the "Car Cruise" and other Ford Mustang stops. Enjoy a fun time by moving from the museum to theaters and concert venues throughout the city, including St. Patrick's Cathedral, Modesto Museum of Art and California State Museum.

There is also the Folsom Lake State Recreation Area, which has 95 miles of hiking trails and offers hiking, biking, horseback riding and other outdoor activities. Another fun place to place a hiking pass is the Toulumne River Regional Park, and there are also hiking trails at the Modesto County Fairgrounds, California State Fair and Sacramento Valley Fair.

The museum also offers guided tours that focus on the Central Valley tours that visit and introduce a variety of plants, animals, plants and other natural resources in the Modesto area. It also shows the natural history of the Central Valley of California and has scientifically based exhibitions such as the Natural History Museum of Central California and the California State Museum.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of California and have a camera, I would suggest the Virginia Corridor Trailway. There are some of the most beautiful parts of California on its way and if you are interested in exploring other parts of California on your trip, I strongly recommend you try it. Check out my list of fun things to do in Ventura and the fun things to do at the Ventura County Museum of Natural History. Read this list to find out about great facilities, whether it's the California State Museum in Modesto, the Central Valley Museum, or the Central California Museum of Natural History.

The museum is open Friday and Saturday, and there is even an online gift shop. The visit is free, but you can encourage them to make a small donation. Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the museum can be visited free of charge, or small donations can be made. The museum can also be visited on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, except for the weekend when you make a large donation of $10, $15 or $20 per person.

It's a classic theater that shows independent, old and foreign films, so a visit to the State Theater is on my list of activities in Modesto. The center also houses a number of local art galleries and a variety of food trucks, and is home to the California Natural History Museum and Central Valley Historical Society throughout the year. There are a lot of great museums, galleries and other cultural institutions in and around Modesta, but there is one of my favorite museums throughout the state of California, the Modestos Historic Graffiti Cruise Route, which is another wonderful activity to take part in while you're in Modesta! The Gra Graffiti Cruise Route celebrates the cruise route that took place during the American graffiti movies and is open to visitors from all over the United States.

The museum is free, has a great gift shop and offers audio tours of the restored aircraft. It houses over a dozen aircraft, including F-16, Bessie, Beechcraft, Cessna, Piper, McDonnell Douglas, F / A-18 and C-130. The aircraft on display include World War II aircraft, such as the B-52 and F / A-17 fighter jets.

A regional history museum called the McHenry Museum tells the story as it was in Modesto and the surrounding region in the early 20th century. Among the special features you will see when visiting the museum are interactive exhibits and displays that highlight the historical importance of the Modesto area.

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More About Modesto